The Ending At A Very Good Series Written By Stephanie Meyer

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“And then we continued blissfully into this small but perfect piece of our forever.” The ending to a very good series written by Stephanie Meyer the last words of Breaking Dawn. The book has three parts; book one is Bella’s point of view, Book two is Jacobs account then book three back to Bella. The first section is about Bella’s wedding and honeymoon. The second is how Jacob loves Bella but cannot have her. The last section is Bella’s fear for losing her family. The important parts from Breaking Dawn of the story will be told from the way Stephanie Meyer. The first book starts as any good love story series should end with the wedding. Bella was not fond of getting married until she saw Edward at the pulpit waiting for her. The wedding was spectacular. The wedding guest all showed and then Jacob came to surprise the bride with a dance. Bella and Jacob began to talk about the after math of her marring a vampire. The talk of having a ‘real honeymoon’ made Jacob upset and the start of a small debacle between Jacob and Edward. Jacob feared that should he try to have sex with Bella that it would kill her. The reception party did not see the spat and things moved on as Bella was surprised with the destination of her honeymoon. From a plane ride to a drive to a boat ride; Edward took Bella to an island. Where they started their honeymoon. Bella entered the bathroom to freshen herself up where she decided the clothing her new sister Alice packed was too racy she walked out in…
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