The Ending Gang And Youth Violence Policy Initiative

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1. The Ending Gang and Youth Violence policy initiative is aimed at analysing problems with gangs and find intervention to tackle crime connected to young people. It is focuses on preventing gang violence, finding pathways out, punishing offenders, working as partners with different forces and providing support to individuals who got in to gangs.
2. The policy initiative aimed at tackling gang violence needs not only the police to play their role, but also other public service workers, like teachers, youth workers and multi-agencies. All of them have to work together and share information. The policy claims that to prevent gang violence the police will have to apply fixed custodial sentences for people using a knife to threaten or endanger others. The UK Boarder Agency will also have a role as with the police they need to undertake using immigration powers to deport dangerous gang members who are not UK citizens, bringing Operation Bite in London strategy to successes. When working together all hospital emergency departments will have to share confidential data on knife and gang assaults with the police and other agencies. In addition the possibility may be even a possibility of including hospital data on local crime maps. All of this is just part of the initiative and will affect not only gang members, but the public services too. The police job may become easier as they will work with other services. For example, as the hospitals will provide data to mark on local crime

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