The Endless Battle with Prison Gangs

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The Endless Battle with Prison Gangs As the years pass, the rate of gang affiliated crimes in the Unites States has progressed extensively, accumulating more inmates into our major prisons doubling the maximum occupancy that the jails can hold. In the U.S there are currently 33,000 active violent street, motorcycle, and prison gangs with a recorded 1.4 million members combined. The registered number of police officers is a mere 683,396; which is not even half of our countries gang population. Incredibly enough, even with their small numbers these officers do the impossible to control, learn, and manipulate the ways of the inmates; taking all of the precautions necessary to stop and protect the normal citizens on the streets and the …show more content…
Gang members have even gone so far as to soaking postcards in substances, or gluing and ironing cocaine filled cards down to almost paper thin and sending them through mail into the prisons where if not caught, the inmate who received the card will chew on the paper to receive the effects of the drug. Another surprising factor of these gang members is the way that they continue to communicate with one another even when they are always on watch by the officers. There has been secret code languages discovered that they created on their own, so no one, other than those in the gang, can understand what they’re saying when planning for an attack or kill. Another method these inmates are using to communicate, especially those in solitary confinement who don’t get to interact with anyone, is by talking into the pipes to transfer messages from one cell to another. Through this the prisoners can talk to one another like a telephone system without the guards hearing them. The more resources and ways of communicating the gang has, the more powerful they are perceived, and as the gangs get larger these tasks then become a lot easier to achieve. As stated in the beginning, police officers are extremely outnumbered by the prison and street gangs all over the country; but, with the training that some of these police officers have received and keep receiving, they’re ready to take on any task or person despite

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