The Endless Cycle Of Recidivism

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The Endless Cycle of Recidivism Recidivism is such a significant problem here in New Mexico. Many tend to throw it off and label it “just” a prison problem. But in all reality and factuality it’s a whole lot more than that; it’s a societal problem that affects our whole community, it affects our state as a whole. Recidivism is the act of reoffending or falling back into criminal behavior after one has been incarcerated and released. Recidivism tends to more common, than uncommon here in New Mexico.
Never Changing History
The revolving door of recidivism is extremely different than it was only just a few decades ago though. Nowadays there are so much more offenders being arrested and released from prison than there was in the past. Not to mention most of them nowadays have served significantly longer prison terms than those offenders in the past, which in turn contributes to recidivism and the increasing rates over the years. Very few and far in between ever really received the benefit of the vast rehab or even pre release programs in the prisons, so in turn they end up right back where there started. They go in without and education and they come out without an education; they go in with no social skills and come out with no skills, they go in criminal and come out an even better criminal. How does that all work?? Who knows but lock them up.
Simple Statistics in New Mexico
Most studies that I found reported that up to 2/3 of NM offenders will reoffend within three
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