The Enduring Nature Of The Church

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INTRODUCTION The enduring nature of the church is a product of the work of the Holy Spirit utilizing equipped saints in leadership development. God uses individuals employing their God-given gifts to challenge individuals, expose deficiencies and sin, and influence cultures and societies in various ways. Over the centuries, various strategies and absences of strategies have been appropriated in an effort to grow the church. Yet, not all of the activity pursued by church leaders has been intentional or productive. The basis for leadership development in the church hinges on two concepts: leadership is a product of equipping and intentional discipling leads to cultural influence beyond the walls of the church. Casting a glare toward the future, it is imperative that current church leadership see the need for replication and a depth of character to navigate turbulent cultural mores and thereby, influence the next generation for Christ.

SETTING THE STAGE – WHAT EXISTS Located within fifteen minutes of a small city in central North Carolina, Ebenezer Baptist Church is not uncommon among churches of over one hundred years of age. The church is steeped in history, but not overtly tied to traditional concepts of worship style or structure. Certainly, the tenure of the previous pastors has led to some degree of stability while concurrently establishing a more progression formation of church polity. Although seemingly located at distance from the urban center of the Research…
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