The Enemy Of The Middle East

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The Enemy of the Middle East “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.” –Albert Einstein Throughout the years and the struggles of the Iranian terrorist groups, the differences between Iran and Israel, and having simple compromise with the U.S. government alone, comes down to the realization of one thing, Iran cannot be trusted. Trust can be easy, but it also can be pretty hard for certain people, groups, or even countries. Iran has exhibited that they simply cannot be trusted; in this one instance, Iran portrays that they can be deceptive and unreliable to America. In January of 2007, a gunman from the Iranian-backed Hezbollah militant group “posed as a US security team to get past the headquarters checkpoint manned by Iraqi police. They traveled in black SUVs, had American-style weapons, wore US military combat fatigues and spoke English” (the killing of US). As they passed the barrier, they proceeded to shoot and wound two soldiers in which they took captive and fled to the Iranian border. Later that day, the two American soldiers were handcuffed together, and then shot on the spot. This is just one out of several instances that illustrate this devastating situation. Since 1979, when the theocratic government of Iran came to power, Iran has sworn to build nuclear weapons, threatened other Middle Eastern nations, and aided terrorist groups. For these reasons, the United States government should consider them an enemy.

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