The Energy Crisis Of Nuclear Energy

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their energy crisis. A study conducted in 2009 states that nuclear energy prices for electricity is $0.21/kWh, while wind power energy and solar photovoltaic panels can cost only $0.05-0.10/kWh (as cited in Shrader-Frechette (2011 p103)). The price comparison between energy sources show that nuclear energy is not the only effective option to solve the energy crisis. Furthermore, the effectiveness of the amount of dollar spent on nuclear energy is not very high compared to wind power. According to Shrader-Frechette (2011 p103), one dollar invested in wind energy will generate up to 100 times the energy invested in nuclear energy. The comparison describes that nuclear energy is very ineffective and that wind power is the most efficient source of energy. Wind power and the increasing efficiencies of current process to produce energy will deter the use of nuclear energy in Europe. One reason for the development of better energy alternative is due to the high risk of nuclear accidents. A nuclear power plant in a country with a small land area is very risky. With the current development in urban areas, nuclear accidents can instantly destroy an environment and cause economic activities of a region to stop. According to Makhijani et al, researchers for Institute of Energy and Environmental research, nuclear power plants are very expensive to insure which implies to the high risk it carries. Normally, it is calculated that 1 in 5 commercial reactors will experience a lifetime-core…
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