The Energy Development Of Greening Energy Sector

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Greening energy sector in India has started through the implementation of various policies and acts in energy sector. The electricity Act which was enforced in 2003 for the generation of renewable energy, providing sufficient support and facilitating its purchase was the first formal process in promoting clean energy (solar energy in India). Other energy policies and acts like National Tariff policy 2006, National rural electrification policies 2006 and semiconductor policy 2007 have provided ground for the establishment of standalone off grid renewable energy and also subsidised manufacturing of solar panels (solar energy in India).
The installed capacity of solar power plant which was 161 MW in 2010 increased up to 4097 MW till July 2015 (Phillips, 2014).During the year 2014-2015, there has been 42 % increase in the solar power installed capacity adding up 1112 MW in the renewable energy pool (Power brochure India). Recently on August 2015, India has turned The Cochin International Airport into entirely solar powered airport producing 48 KWh of energy which is assumed to save 300,000 tons of Equivalent carbon in the next 25 years (Greenberg, 2015). This has been considered as a great achievement in clean energy development in India and around world. Madhya Pradesh, Gujrat, Rajasthan, are the leading states in solar energy production in India. With the aim to reduce the dependency in conventional fuel, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) launched the programme
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