The Energy Drink Industry Must Have A Swot Analysis

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The energy drink industry must have a SWOT Analysis just like any other industry in order to assess the market before entering. The strengths in the energy drink industry are its “quick fix” for consumers; their products serve as a quick burst of energy for their target consumers of people on the go. Other strengths include the high brand awareness and relative attractiveness in the industry. Everyone knows what energy drinks are and the purpose they serve so companies in this industry do not have a problem integrating their product into the energy drink industry; this serves as a critical success factor in the industry. Energy drinks being relatively attractive in the industry is a definite strength in terms of advertising because often energy drinks are portrayed as that “must have” product that the consumer cannot go without.
Every industry has its weaknesses, the weaknesses the energy drink industry incur are the ease of entry, maintaining a strong customer base, the slightly above average prices, and lack of distinction. The relatively low entry barriers make it easy for practically anyone entering the energy drink industry, creating many avenues for competitors to come in. Also, due to the many companies in the industry this makes it difficult for companies to maintain a strong customer base and differentiate their product since there are countless different energy drink options and most energy drinks are made with the same base ingredients.
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