The Energy Of Renewable Energy Essay

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With the emergence of climate change as a worldwide concern in the past several decades, scientists and engineers have worked assiduously to develop better and cleaner ways to produce energy. Renewable energy systems have experienced unimaginable advancements in recent years to make them more efficient, but utilities still struggle with the storage of this energy for practical use. Different types of renewable energy are currently stored in multiple ways, which contributes to discrepancies among the comparative efficiencies of various sources of energy in different areas and situations. This paper will discuss how several major renewable systems store energy, and what combination of circumstances makes each of them respectively advantageous. A Brief Overview of Energy History The Industrial Revolution (18th-19th centuries) was the start of the world’s great energy output. Starting in Great Britain, new developments in technology and innovation led to rapid increases in fuel consumption across Europe and North America. Coal replaced the wood and other biofuels that were commonplace at the time as the primary fuel source; machines took on the grueling tasks of laborers and transformed the workplace; production and perceived quality of life skyrocketed in these societies as mankind dominated the seemingly limitless earth and all its resources. Soon, not only were steam engines powering locomotives that took the place of horses, they were setting the stage for the

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