The Energy Of Solar Energy

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The U.S. Energy Future is one of the most talked about subjects in science. There are many different types of alternative energy to using fossil fuels. Scientists have warned the population that the fossil fuels that we current use for our main fuel source may run out in less than 100 years (James Trefil & Robert Hazen, 2013). While the fossil fuels are readily available to our current generations, we need to start making great results in switching our main energy source to more renewable energy for our future generations. I have researched a few of the most popular alternative energy sources for the U.S. future.
One area of US Energy Future that has been in place for some time now is Solar Energy. Solar energy was first developed in 1954 by Daryle Chapin, Gerald Pearson and Calvin Fuller in the form of silicon photovoltaic cells. In 1958 the solar energy field took off. The Vanguard 1 weather satellite used solar power to power the radios and other equipment on the spacecraft. After the successful 1 year mission using the solar power, the Lunar Lander, Mars Viking Mission, Hubble Telescope and the Space Shuttle all used solar power on their crafts (OSU Test Report, 2015). Some of the problems with solar energy were the high cost of development and the amount of land that was needed for the solar fields to be used and where to store the energy. One another problem was the weather being unpredictable. The lack of sunlight would lower the amount of solar…

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