The Energy Source Of Energy

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In an era where fossil fuels are the dominant source of energy, environmentalists and scientists are looking for alternative energy sources in the fear that fossil fuels will sooner or later become consumed by our energy needs. In the hunt to find a strong alternative energy source, scientists have reverted back to an old formula E=MC2. The indicated formula was first thought up by Albert Einstein to describe a part of general relativity in the paper “Does the Inertia of a Body Depend Upon Its Energy Content?” Furthermore, in his publication Albert Einstein explains that mass and kinetic energy are proportionally equal. Meaning you can transfer energy into mass and vice versa. In addition if you are able to transfer mass into energy that mass will be multiplied by the speed of light (C) squared, meaning that a little mass can turn into a lot of energy. Moreover, Einstein’s reasoning for using the speed of light is because atoms when separated travel the speed of light thus carrying a lot of energy. At the time Einstein was working on trying to find ways to separate and or fuse atoms in order to gain energy and put his formula to use. However, today we have found two different ways of doing so in what we call nuclear fusion and nuclear fission. Nuclear fusion has been around since the big bang, as it is the process that powers stars just like ours and is how our universe continues to grow. Moreover, nuclear fusion occurs when two or more atoms fuse together at very high
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