The Energy Stored On Various Foods Using A Homemade Calorimeter

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The Energy Stored In Various Foods Using a Homemade Calorimeter
Naomi Hernandez
Little Rock Central High The Energy Stored in Various Foods Using a Homemade Calorimeter The purpose of this experiment is to investigate how the caloric energy in food varies in different foods and the correlation between high fat foods and calories using a homemade calorimeter. The hypothesis is that if foods with higher fat content have more energy than nonfat food, then fatty foods with more caloric energy will have higher measurements on the calorimeter, because fatty foods have calories than other foods. As the content of fat in food rises the energy stored in that food will be greater than nonfat foods. “A calorie is a unit of energy” though it does
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With an excess of calories, an individual could become overweight or obese, because the calories not used for used for basic functions are converted into fat for later usage. If the individual does not participate in physical activity, the remaining fat will not be burned off, leading to excess of fat (Abdallah, et al. n.d.). Too many empty calories, or calories with no nutritional value, increase the chances of obesity and other weight related issues. These calories derive form added sugar and solid fats (Weight Management, .n.d.) Solid fats refer to fats that are solid at room temperature such as: “butter, milk fat, beef fat (tallow, suet), chicken fat, cream, pork fat (lard), stick margarine, shortening, hydrogenated oils, coconut oil, palm and palm kernel oils”. Although some are named oils, it is because they derive from plants, they are considered solid fats because of the high concentration in saturated and fatty acids(Calories. n.d.). “Fats are concentrated sources of calories”, and foods with added sugars or eaten in large portions can account to an excess in calories and lead to weight gain (How Do I, .n.d.). So foods with greater empty calories that tend to have solid fats lead excess in fat. For the purpose or this experiment foods that either are or have
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