The Enforcement And Practice Of Patient Care

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Abstract Radiology and the development of the first X-ray has been around for over a century and throughout that journey the practice of radiography has acquired more aspects to the career. For instance, 100 years ago it was all about taking an X-ray. Now the radiologic technologist, which is a licensed tech that takes radiographic images, has other practices to accomplish. Those include, but are not limited to, longer patient interaction and patient care, and how these other aspects affect the technologist as well. This research paper will discuss the enforcement and practice of patient care and how it is often overlooked in the health care field today. This dissertation will analyze and conclude certain practices and enforcement of patient care based information from reputable and appropriate sources. Patient care has developed immensely over the years and is something that is important in the medical field, and one day may not even deal with only human interaction. Robotics may be integrated into the system, trying to replace and/or assist with the human help already in place. This is why it is imperative that the R.T. 's follow and practice the proper techniques for patient care. Running Head: PATIENT CARE 3 Patient Care is a very broad and widely talked about topic in the health care field. There are things concerning today 's medical imaging technologists, mainly the radiographic technologist that will be touched upon throughout this
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