The Enforcement Case Management For Green Door As The Director Of Health Homes

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Introduction Karen Bressler has worked in the field of social work for a little under 20 years, working in the health and mental health environment in the Washington DC metropolitan area. She currently works at Green Door as the Director of Health Homes. Green Doors has a rigorous program that provides mental health services to include psychiatric and counseling services which both are coupled with case management. The agencies case management offers clients with supportive education, housing stabilization, rehabilitation day services programs, supported employment, community support, Assertive Community Treatment, and a variety of essential curriculums that many of the agencies clients have on no occasion before had access to. The agencies mission is to work to eliminate barriers that poverty, unawareness and prejudice have created, and to decrease the misconception connected with mental health circumstances. Majority of the clients served at the agency live below the federal poverty line, are African-American, and are over the age of 50. A good number of the client’s lives are plagued with one or more chronic medical condition. The agencies mission is to enhance the lives of their clients through treatemtn and services. Education Karen received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology- Human Development from Duke University in Durham, NC and her Masters of Social Work from Catholic University in Washington Dc. Karen is a Licensed Clinical Social

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