The Engagement Strategy Of Fairworks

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Fairwork is located in 11 Exhibition St. Victoria, the place where I really find hard to locate since I am just barely one month here in this place. My google map served me well. It sent me to the meeting place with the rest of my classmates on August 25. Fairworks ' objectives is to engage with the community they serve through programs that would involve the public, stakeholders and research groups. The engagement strategy of Fairworks which aims to motivate and stirr up more productive workplaces by promting harmonious and cooperative workplace relations can be read by us when we were given a small brochure from the staff. We arrived there in time. I was amazed to see for the first time the moving door upon the entrance. I…show more content…
They were so helpful to us. We were so thankful then. If only government people in the Philippines are as accomodating as these people here I have no doubt that people from the lowest sector in our society will never be afraid or ashamed to air their stories about unfair labor practices in my country. Sorry, I have to touch delicate topic about one of my homeland 's delimma. I am just so overwhelmed how these people here are so amazingly good natured very approachable and accomodating to us and have shown as gladness to accommodate our enquiries. So in the afternoon around two o 'clock we went inside Court 1 and finally hear the following case. Facts: Singh v. Australian Taxation Office C2015/2321 Unfair Dismissal This case is a case regarding Illegal dismissal of an employee named her Kelly who is a casual employee for two and a half years. She was a minor when she was accepted in her employment. When she was employed she was not given the Fair Work Statement that is supposed to be given to each newly hired employee. On the 7th of May 2015 she lost her job. She wanted to asked her job back and begged for reconsideration but her boss was so hostile on her and told her not to come to her work. She became so depressed and experienced nightmares due to losing her work. Because of this, she failed to file the dismissal
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