The Engagement Strategy Of Fairworks

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Fairwork is located in 11 Exhibition St. Victoria, the place where I really find hard to locate since I am just barely one month here in this place. My google map served me well. It sent me to the meeting place with the rest of my classmates on August 25. Fairworks ' objectives is to engage with the community they serve through programs that would involve the public, stakeholders and research groups. The engagement strategy of Fairworks which aims to motivate and stirr up more productive workplaces by promting harmonious and cooperative workplace relations can be read by us when we were given a small brochure from the staff. We arrived there in time. I was amazed to see for the first time the moving door upon the entrance. I feel awkward in getting in. Aside from the moving door, the cozy lounge room a warm welcome greeted us from the personnel in the front desk. He was middle aged man who sent us to proceed to the fourth floor for some help and so we did.
At the fourth floor, we speak to the pretty lady who attended to our enquiries but before that we had to pressed the call button so that staff will come out in front and answer our enquiries. We told her all our concerns. We also told her about our subject matter, that we are students from Stott 's College. A gentleman came out and joined the lady so both of them helped us. We asked if we can possibly hear a case. We were refused to enter one court hearing that time in the morning since it is in…
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