The Engine-Personal Narrative

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I had a strange, ominous feeling before anyone one else in my family. My sister, Larissa, began driving with a permit a few weeks ago. The sensation that typically arose when she took control behind the wheel resembled the feeling one experiences during a test drive with an unsafe and unfamiliar car. Being a passenger as she was steering was like being on a slippery road of ice where any slight, sudden movement caused a sharp jolt of the entire car. My mom, Rita, was constantly panicking over Larissa’s safety. As a child, my mom acted caring and slightly overprotective, but I just assumed it was her maternal instinct. Lately, she had been acting extremely nervous because my dad was teaching Larissa how to drive, but he isn’t a professional or anything. My father, Louis, was certain his lessons would suffice. He continually practiced with Larissa, for he is a very determined person. Besides…show more content…
Even though she was told almost her entire life to not leave the house past 10 o’clock, this ugly habit developed where she would drive at around midnight. The problem was that my parents were already asleep by midnight, so she would quietly disable the alarm, grab the keys from the kitchen table, and go off to parties or meet up with her friends at the park. I was the only person in our house who knew because our bedrooms are right next to each other’s so I always heard the eerie creak of her door as she escaped. Every single night for a week when the clock struck twelve, CREAK, and she disappeared. I found myself trapped in a sticky ethical spiderweb. Should I tell my parents of what I believed she was doing every night, or should I try and protect our friendship that was hanging by a thread? One night, the usual screech of Larissa’s door awoke me. She cautiously made her way down the stairs until…. “Hey. Where are you even going?”, I inquired. “None of your business. Get out of my way!” Larissa
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