The Engineering Excellence Team Is Responsible For Product Safety

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I 'm currently employed by UTC Aerospace Systems, Interiors in Phoenix Arizona and I 'm a member of the Engineering Excellence team. The Interiors business unit is comprised of 10 different locations and 7 major product lines ranging from Aircraft Lighting Systems, Cargo Handling Systems, Ejection Seats, Evacuation Slides, and Rocket motors. This large variation in products presents many different problem solving opportunities on any given day. The Engineering Excellence team is responsible for Product Safety, Continuous Improvement, Lean initiatives, project management, REACh / Materials of concern, and policy deployment. A major key responsibility of mine is on implementing, sustaining, and maturing the engineering team on UTC’s…show more content…
To put it simply a Kaizen Event is an intensive burst of process improvement. This particular event was identified by the General Manager to be held during a Lean Leadership event week, since UTC was not turning a profit on this product, and had visibility by the senior leadership team at Interiors as being a dog. I was selected to lead the event based on my past experience in leading Kaizen events, my continuous improvement knowledge, and my familiarity with this product and production line. For this event preplanning was essential to ensure success. Event co-leader and team members were selected, the problem was baseline, improvement targets set, and a timeframe for the event was defined (4-days). A high performance cross functional team, made up of representatives from production, supply chain, engineering, test, manufacturing engineering, shipping, and quality consisting of 7 individuals involved in or directly affected by the process. This approach would help ensure the necessary knowledge needed to uncover the various dimensions of the process. In addition, other subject matter experts were brought in as needed though out the four days. Of course the team had this assignment sprung upon them and had only several weeks to prepare before event week. Some of the Team principles that we decided to utilize, included: accepting uncertainty, rejecting preconceived solution, follow through
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