The Engineering Field Of Precision And Optimization

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Overview and Importance Engineering is a field of precision and optimization. The basics of engineering are embedded in the fact that a successful engineer will design and manufacture products with maximum utility and lowest costs. This will maximize efficiency and result in a product that lives up to its usefulness. The engineering field has seen a lot of innovations that may not always materialize into successful products for the end user, due to the only reason that they are not cost effective and adaptable solutions. This has given rise to the fact that now engineers in the design phase carefully weigh the choices in regards to the materials they use. This ensures the fact that all the hard work, energy and resources spent in designing a product are not laid to waste as the materials required to design the product are not suitable in the sense that the product’s cost will surely outweigh the utility it provides. Along with cost effectiveness, the practicality and ease of manufacturing are basic considerations for a product. A product too complex and demanding will require a longer production time, be susceptible to more errors, require more maintenance and also take longer to assemble and disassemble in case of trouble shooting for errors. This background is what actually results in the need of Design For Manufacture (DFM) and Design For Assembly (DFA). DFM provides the simplicity of manufacturing of parts that will form a product and DFA provides ease of assembly of
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