The English College Of Heraldry Essay

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[b][size=25][color=green]Charter of the English College of Heraldry[/color][/size][/b]

By the grace and divine right of His Majesty, the King of England, Long John Silver, and through the continuing grace of our Sovereign, the the English College of Heraldry is hereby formed and maintained. All members of the College will adhere to these proclamations or face discipline as appropriate to their actions.

[b][color=darkred]One.[/color] Purpose:[/b]
I. The English College of Heraldry, hereafter referred to as the College, will strive to inspire its ' junior members, maintain transparency, and cooperate with the public at large to create a friendly atmosphere of heraldic cooperation between our clients and our membership while recognizing achievement with due reward.
II. The College will provide support in the form of heraldic art to all the people, groups, governments and variations thereof of England, regardless of political, economic, or religious goals.
III. The College will maintain all artistic designs, including discarded projects, produced by the College to provide inspiration on future projects. Destruction of artwork may only be done with approval of a King of Arms.
IV.The College will collect, store, and display all official coats of arms, seals, street banners, flags and other artistic designs not produced by the College at large that may be held and displayed

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