The English Language : Conservation Of Language In Foreign Countries

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Dahal 12
Hom Dahal
Sean Dwyer
5 December 2017
Essay 4 final Conservation of Languages in Foreign Countries Language is one of the most significant developments of humans. It is one of the few means of communications which enclose a large number of beliefs, values, and methods to see the world in different perspectives. Peoples native languages are thought to be in danger when they do not speak their mother tongue in foreign countries. A mother tongue refers to a child’s first language and can be learned since birth. This mother language cannot be used often in foreign countries. As a result, significant numbers of languages are ceasing to pass from one generation to another. Cultural diversity and languages are essential assets of any nation, representing their identity across the world. The mother tongue is the language of the heart, of the emotions, of the warmth of the home, of the first important relationships. A "first" language that does not hinder subsequent learning but, on the contrary, opens to new languages. Thus, it is very important to conserve languages especially in foreign countries. This paper will explore how non-native languages in foreign countries are being threatened, why this is problematic, and why it’s crucially important to preserve such languages.
According to Collin Baker, the author of Foundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, people whose native language is not English, tried to adopt English as their common language at

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