The English Language

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While advances in communication technologies in the 20th and 21rst centuries have essentially connected the entire planet, there have been many disadvantages to the creation of these devices. The downsides to the new technologies are, the capital that is required to purchase and maintain the product, which inadvertently keeps many societies unconnected, the preeminence of the english language in the new communication systems requires most of the world to learn a foreign language, and it has caused electronic blockades by countries such as China, Iraq, Vietnam, and North Korea that wish to control the outside cultural influence on its citizens. From the year 1914 to 2015, our social era has been deemed by many as the “Age of Access”. Today there is virtually instantaneous electronic communication, which has removed the problems of both time and geographic distance. Communication by radio, telephone, television, fax machines, and network computers has created a global village that has completely removed the political, economic, and social isolation of the past. Everyday it seems as if there is a new cell phone or tablet coming out from a company who claims that its upgrades are better than any other device on the market. With the huge economic boom in companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung, the devices they are producing are and will remain in demand and at a high price. Because of the high purchase prices, the gap between those connected and those not connected seems to

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