The English Language

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The english language is something hard to comprehend most of the time. Lots of people in the United States but really for the immigrates. It could have people looking uneducated without learning it. Tan’s challenges herself by looking past the stereotypes of Asians & math and became an English major. I myself have had some difficulty with the english language. In the story Mother Tongue, Tan talks about her mother broken english. Her mother feels nothing is wrong with her speech but Tan thinks differently. “I was ashamed of her English. I believed that her English reflected the quality if what she had to say.” (Tan 491) It made it hard to try to think of other words to replace her broken english. She had heard the term “limited English”, but it made her feel the same way. Personally, In my family all of us speak so what of limited english. It’s not like Tan’s mom where she is from Asia, but our sentences and the way we pronounce words it sounds a bit off. I think that only happens when we are talking to each other. When we are going somewhere professional or in public the English speaking switches as if we speak perfect English. Tan just about put the blame on her mother. “I think my mother English almost had an effect on limiting my possibilities in my life as well.” (Tan 492) Tan goes on to state that she think that language shapes especially in immigrant families. She was always good at math but english skills were at a poor level. Her grades in english

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