The English Language Essay

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The English language is particularly complex in almost all aspects. Many of the words in the English language have different meanings for the same word. This is not unlike the definition of the different levels of usage. McCrimmon defines the three levels, formal, moderate, and colloquial, by their sentence structure, diction, and tone (McCrimmon 193). ¹ Using McCrimmon’s definitions, authors can determine what type of writing is applicable to each of the three levels. For the formal writings, an adequate example of where readers can find it is in a professional journal, and an appropriate place to find an example of the moderate level is in a weekly news magazine. Also, the best place to look for an example of the colloquial level is in certain sections of the newspaper. All of the levels of usage apply to these different types of writings and assist in defining what each level involves. Nevertheless, the most complex level of usage that McCrimmon discusses is the formal level of usage. One point of the formal structure is that the sentences are “relatively long and involved” (193). The sentences in scholarly articles typically follow rules, which makes them more difficult to read than other types of writing. Further, these writings also use “extensive vocabulary” (193). There are often words that most people would not know the meaning of unless they are professionals in that field. In addition, sentences in the formal level “make no attempt to establish

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