Essay The English Legal System

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The English legal system is complex and there are many ways in which it can be influenced, this essay will explore some of the different, more obvious ways the law can be changed and what this shows in relation to the quote above. First the essay will discuss the different ways the law can be created and changed and who enables and controls those changes, with my primary examples being the common law and legislation for the judicracy and Parliament respectively, then the essay will cover to what extent these powers enable the judicracy to change and create law in relation to Parliament and if it could be discribed as "opportunistic and piecemeal".

It is definitely arguable that in order to promote democracy in it's current format there must be rule of law. The law making process has fundamentally seperate divisions, with Parliament fulfilling the function of legislature, national government fulfilling the executive and the courts representing the judicracy. By dividing the law-making process this prevents one group or person from collecting too much power which in turn helps prevents misuse.

Common law is the concept that some of the core principles that form the basis of the English legal system come from judges as opposed to Parliament, with rulings from case to case developing predicedent, which forces lower courts to follow princaples set by higher cores but allows higher courts to overrule the descisions of lower courts. This allows the courts, over time to refine…