The English Reformation: The Origin Of The English Reformation

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The English Reformation Reformation means “The act of reforming or the state of being reformed. The root of reformation is the Latin word reformare, which means to form again or to change. This is why this specific event is called the English Reformation, as it changed the way the church was run throughout England.

One of the most important happenings in England, was the Reformation. It was a series of events in the 16th century, where England broke away from the Roman Catholic Church and the authority of the pope. It was a religious and political movement. England could now see the decline of feudalism, the rise of nationalism, the rise of the common law and the downfall of the Roman Catholic Church, with the Pope as the leader. In England power will change back and forth between catholicism and protestantism.

Many things happened during the reformation in England. The most important part was breaking away from the Catholic church. Earlier on, everyone shared the same religious beliefs, and religion was “everything” to most people. By the end of the Reformation - Europe was divided religiously. While this happened, the monarchs filled the leading positions in their respective countries, now that the church’s power was weakened.
Due to the lost religious unity in Europe – many wars broke out, for example; the Civil wars in Germany and France. The
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He wanted to divorce his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, after she had failed to give him a son to heir the throne. He had already decided who his next wife would be – Anne Boleyn. The Pope refused to give Henry VIII his blessing, because the Roman Catholic Church meant that divorces was something one simply did not get. A marriage was supposed to be holy, and divorces were not allowed at all. Eventually, Henry VIII declares that he is the new head of the church. What the people of England did not know, was that this was only the beginning of the
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