The Enigma Code

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Everyone has a passion, everyone has a purpose, but more importantly everyone has an impact. In the beginning of the 20th Century, there was a boy named Alan Turing who seemed like any other troublesome delinquent, but as he grew he became one of the most crucial tools for the British Military. Morten Tyldum directs, “The Imitation Game,” which is a piece of cinematography created to illustrate the period of time during WWII where the German use of the Enigma code, which is an encrypted form of communication, had not yet been solved. This mystery allowed Germans to communicate freely, without having to worry about other countries interfering.. The British force attempted to crack the code, but there were several obstacles that stood in their way that earned the enigma code, impossible to crack. The decryption of the Enigma code was such a daunting task primarily because there were millions upon millions of settings for the transmitting machine, and those attempting to understand had less than 24 hours to crack it, or else the cycle started over. The movie focuses primarily on the leader of the team that cracked the code, Alan Turing. It begins post World War II, in an effort to demonstrate how Turing’s sexual orientation lead to his depression and suicide, as well as to highlight that the life a genius man who saved millions of lives was never congratulated by anyone other than those who were already close to him.
As one would expect, Hollywood hyperbolized some of the…
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