The Enigma Of Capital And The Crisis Of Capitalism By David Harvey

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Marcus Rincon
International Political Economy
Monday- Wednesday 210-350

Enigma Capital


The book that I chose to do my book review on was The Enigma of Capital and The Crisis of Capitalism by David Harvey. (Oxford University Press, 2011). The book is about capital flow and how it dictates the very essence of our everyday life. Harvey’s purpose of the book is to help gain a critical understanding of the systemic logic of capitalism and of the role that periodic crisis plays. Within that logic begins with a detailed account of the current crisis. Harvey then sets this crisis in longer term historical context presenting it as the latest, and most serious, of a series of structural crises that have emerged since the post-war boom got attention in the early 1970s. Capitalism, Harvey explains, has in effect moved from one crisis to another since the end of the long boom. In fact, for Harvey, capitalism never really resolves its crisis tendencies; they are merely shifted around, postponed and held off. For me, this is one of the most impressive sections of the book. Harvey manages to provide an in-depth overview of the present crisis and of major macroeconomic developments and trends over the last 40 or so years.
The first thing this book tackles is the foreclosure crisis that hit America in 2006 and how it escalated, but how it only affected the minorities of the time and lower-income people. Harvey doesn’t only target the lower class; he does…
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