The Enigmatic Philosophers Of Alexander The Great

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The Greek Empire had a lot of great leaders that had a huge impact on their empire. Alexander the Great for an example. He is the most famous Greek person ever. His short life was full of adventures. Born in Pella, Macedonia, in 356 BC, he became king at the age of 20. After he united the Greek city-states, he launched an expedition to the East and managed to conquer the Persian Empire and extend the borders of his kingdom till India. He died a month before he turned 33, beloved as a god while he was alive and celebrated as a legend after his death. Therefore, another leader would be Socrates the Enigmatic Philosopher. Socrates is considered today as the founder of Western philosophy. His notions of ethics, virtue and truth passed through centuries. Although we have no manuscripts of Socrates himself, his life and ideology are presented in the works of Plato and Xenophon, his direct students, while some accounts are also found in Aristotle and Aristophanes. Socrates believed that the real truth is hidden in every man and all he has to do is to discover it. Because of his philosophical teachings, he was accused of corrupting the youth and was sentenced to death by the Athenian politicians. He died in prison drinking poison. Alexander ruled an expansive empire. Nevertheless, his ambitions were not satisfied. While fighting the Persians, Alexander conquered Egypt and founded a city at the mouth of the Nile River. This city, which he named Alexandria after himself, became a
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