The Enlightenment That Changed The Views Of People And Science

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During the 1760’s, the Enlightenment had hit Western culture with full force and lead everyone to believe in that every person was born with a clean slate, or “tabula rasa”. The Enlightenment was an era full of new ideas which changed the views of people and science. As time went on, the Romantic Era started to take form in the admiration of humans and nature. This era continued to have all people seen as equals and focused on one’s emotion. After Romanticism, Western countries discovered the importance of colonization and started to search for new land to attain. Africa and Asia provided the Western countries with what they needed, so they fought for land within these areas for resources and strategic reasons. Although all people were seen as equals in the late 1700’s and non-Westerners were admired for a short period of time, views of natives soon degraded as new ideologies began to take way in Western society. With the new ideologies from Romanticism and Imperialism, non-Westerners soon became known as noble savages, and Social Darwinism and the “White Man’s Burden” eliminated the idea of non-Westerners being equals with Westerners. During the Enlightenment, new ideas that influenced Western ideologies were arising and making the people of the world more equal than ever. Despite the occurrence of the French and Indian War, Britain was able to see that non-Westerners shared similar values of life as they had. As a British Soldier, William Smith’s account of the French and…
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