The Enola Gay Exhibit At The National Air And Space Museum

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Originally intended to be displayed in the 1990’s to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II, the Enola Gay exhibit was dismantled piece by piece until it became an unrecognizable shadow of what used to be a museum exhibit. The controversy surrounding the Enola Gay exhibit at the National Air and Space Museum (NASM) has helped to revive a spirited debate between professional, scholarly historians and amateur historians who are likely to have some first hand experience with significant historical events. Questions have arisen concerning the ownership of history and the role that professionals and amateurs should have in the retelling of events in our nations past. Regardless of the different answers to these questions what is clear is that it is upsetting that common ground could not be reached between the multiple interests involved in the Enola Gay controversy. This exhibit is paramount in educating the populace about a pivotal moment in American history. I find its absence is unacceptable and deplorable. The following details the unique structure of how I would set up a museum concerning the use of the atomic Bomb, which will aim to educate visitors on events from Pearl Harbor to the dawn of the Cold War. Mature and curious visitors to my Atomic History Museum will be made aware that these events in history are controversial, emotionally jarring and gruesome by nature. When visitors walk into the museum they will have two distinct paths that they can

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