The Enormous Growth During the Renaissance

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To be exact, the meaning came from all the changes experienced and inventive ideas that influence during the European history. The Renaissance occurred between the 14th and 17th century when there was revival in both learning and culture in Europe. It began in Florence, Italy and traveled throughout other city-states in Italy. It mainly occurred in Italy due to the history of Rome and Roman Empire. The Renaissance was a cultural movement that swept through Europe because of a diversion in significant understanding. Italy was so wealthy that people were willing to spend their money to encourage the artists. With that being said, the Renaissance was a time in which society experienced an enormous growth. This development was not only financial, but also in the cultural areas. Artists and Bookman were perusing the teachings and artwork of ancient Greece and Rome. It was a tremendous strike in many fields in particular to art, literature, education, political science, and history of the future generation.
The Rebirth changes in the style of art and also the perspective of artists. Political changes in the ruling class of Italy shortly before the period had led to the rulers of the major city states being “new men” without much of a political history. They try to regulate themselves with noticeable display, spectacle, including all forms of art and creativity. The artists keen to use their new…
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