The Enormous Room, By E. Cummings

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E.E. Cummings creative and disputable verse addresses him as being one of the most popular and largely anthologized poets of the twentieth century. Cummings took a great amount of appreciation toward his readers and sought to provide entertainment through his poetry by using visual effect and familial love. Cummings’s continual objectives were conformism, mass psychology, and his arrogance which all led to his entertaining and occasionally scornful ridicules. Cummings’s historical experience of his time spent in World War I, “The Enormous Room” (1922), and his tentative plays, such as “Him” (1927), have acquired him the reputation as a distinguished writer of the modernist era in America literature. E.E. Cummings was a Man of Poetry and his background revealed him as being a distinctive American poet, which greatly influenced his literary accomplishments in poetry.
Cummings was encouraged upon his creative gifts at an early age by his parents. His father who was a Congregationalist minister and teacher at Harvard University, and his mother who found great joy out of reading poetry to Cummings on a regular
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Artists looking for the existing moment have only enlarged since the mention of his odd and delightful poems. Even if Cummings’s poetry does not satisfy a specific reader, the inspiration of Cummings on the upcoming of poetry due to his visual creativity, grasp of words, and modernization cannot be denied. It can be stated that poetry was not the same before Cummings, and is persistently altered after him. He has not been favored by critics or had them on his side, he has frequently stood the aim of tough criticism. With the surprise of his use of punctuation, critics are seeing his works and are noticing the exact significance in the poems themselves. Possibly the critics are finally beginning to give Cummings and his work a valuable
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