The Enron Scandal Essay

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The Enron Scandal

Enron was established in 1930 as Northern Natural Gas Company and joined with three other companies to undertake this industry. The four companies eventually began to break apart between 1941 and 1947 as a result of a public stock offering. In 1979, Northern Natural Gas was placed under new management when it was bought by InterNorth Inc. In 1985, Kenneth Lay, CEO of Houston Natural Gas Company devised a transaction for InterNorth to purchase Houston Natural Gas. Lay was named CEO of the new company and changed InterNorth's name to Enron Corporation. This newly developed company originally was involved in distributing gas and electricity throughout the United States, and operation of power plants and pipelines
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During this time Kenneth Lay was cashing in his own Enron stock, which sold for thirty seven million dollars (Thomas, 3).

The GOP also indirectly helped Enron conceal its illegal activities. The company placed more than one-third of its subsidiaries in offshore accounts and slipped its domestic assets in different tax shelters, which helped conceal Enron?s financial situation. The main reason that Enron escaped any detection of fraud is that it invested in a particular type of derivatives. This was a complex financial arrangement that escaped all regulatory provisions. There was no law that required the company to disclose its derivative investments on their balance sheets (Calkins, 1).

The government was also lured in by Enron?s executives. The company profited from a relaxed regulatory system that it helped dictate. Lay and other top Enron executives met on several occasions with Vice President Dick Cheney, who was heading President Bush?s energy task force. The company was also involved in making deals with other politicians. Economic counselor Lawrence Lindsey had been a paid adviser. Political strategist Karl Rove had been a big investor. Republican national chairman Mark Raicicot had been a paid lobbyist. Over two-thirds of the Senate and nearly forty percent of the House of

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