The Enterprise Data Warehouse : General Overview

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The Enterprise Data Warehouse

3.1 General Overview
3.1.1 Enterprise Insights Overview The Enterprise Insights (EI) team’s mission is to provide timely, reliable, and actionable information to facilitate the best strategic and operational business decisions to support SWA company objectives. EI seeks to deliver advanced analytic capabilities through partnership with business customers to provide relevant and insightful information to businesses.
The EI team facilitates access to the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) which is used to consolidate data from many data sources both within SWA and outside SWA. The EDW has several purposes:
• Consolidate and integrate enterprise data by subject area in a relational store at the lowest level of
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This overview provides the foundation for how the estimates are formulated in EI data warehouse and business intelligent using the proposed estimation utility. The Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)
"A data warehouse is a subject oriented, integrated, time variant, non-volatile collection of data in support of management 's decision making process". Source
There are
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