The Enterprise Resource Planning ( Erp ) Systems

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It can be said that the vulnerability of the economy across the globe has made most consumers and customers very unwilling to pay more even for high-quality products and services. This general feeling coupled with competition among various organizations has compelled them (organizations) to develop strategies that would enable them reduce costs so as to offer consumers competitive prices, while improving efficiency, performance, and quality. As a way of enhancing organizational performance, most contemporary organizations are relying on technology, such as the enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Basically, the ERP is intended to streamline and integrate the operations of various departments or units within an organization into a…show more content…
The Concept of Enterprise Resource Planning System On the daily basis, modern businesses or organizations are faced with strong internal and external pressure. In an attempt to tackle these inevitable situations, the organizations struggle to balance demands regarding quality, stability and changes. This implies that the organizations continue to put in many efforts into developing and keeping or changing their practices and rules in order to achieve their strategic goals. To ensure efficiency and effectiveness in these ever changing efforts, the organizations attempt to integrate all departments and functions across an organization into a single computer system to serve specific needs of those different departments. The enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is a typical single software program that serves the needs of people in different units, such as in human resource department, finance, warehouse, administration, supply chain, customer relationship management, and marketing. While ERP combines all the departments into a single and integrated software program that runs off a single database, each department has its own computer system optimized for the specific ways each department performs its job. In healthcare organizations, the enterprise resource planning (ERP) endeavors to integrate all departments and
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