The Enterprise Resource Planning System

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The Enterprise resource planning system has become more popular in business management system and although provide great benefits to large organisations. However, implementation of an ERP has not been successful in all organizations. Since with the implementation of an ERP it certainly have a great effect on the entire organizations such as process, peoples are culture. There are certain numbers of challenges that the companies faced through an ERP implementation. Although many universities and business organization has started using an ERP system to overcome the problems arising with disparate system in order to improve the management and administration .ERP is generally a software which is helpful in integrating various functions of business and data in a single system which is to be shared among all peoples working in an organizations. For instance, ERP has now started expanding its scope worldwide in1990’s to perform various other functions such as human resource, finance and production planning process.(vandacle2011).However now ERP has started incorporating various organisations to build consumer relationship to become more competitive in business world. ERP helps in increasing operating efficiency of the firm (Beheshti, 2006) .ERP helps in sharing the same information in a single system because all data are entered in a single system and are communicated within the entire organizations and a as result cooperation and interaction of peoples…
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