The Entertainment Industry Is A World Of Desires, Dreams, And Film, Television, Or Live

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For centuries Entertainment has been the attention grabber for many of us. Whether that entertainment is Music, Film, Television, or Live performances. Today this industry has completely change and improve as technology grows. However, entertainment is a world of desires, dreams, and what things should look and be like. It is a way for the industry to create a different world and share it to its audiences that can reach to millions. The entertainment industry has had an influx of non-white characters in film, T.V., and movies. Specifically, black individuals, today the entertainment industry is a racial challenge for these black people. Not just on screen but also behind the scenes and the business side of it. Black people in this industry…show more content…
In 1952, only an estimated 0.4 percent of television performances were played by blacks. They are constantly facing the racial issue of not getting opportunities to get jobs in the entertainment industry, and if they do, they don’t get the opportunities to play the roles they want or how they want to work and must face exclusion in this industry.
If one remembers back to the beginning of history, America’s only entertainment was live theater, and even then, plays involved black character however, these characters were not played by black individuals. Instead whites took those roles and played in “blackface” this is exactly what it sounds like. This mean white people literally blackening their faces with burnt cork to portray blacks. This has been going on before the Civil War.
Since white were not allowed to hire black actors or did not want to hire black actors they began to portray the black characters, demeaning stereotypes were being created as blacks were presented in an unfavorable light. This was an additional issue they faced, were they were purposely portrayed in films with negative stereotypes that reinforced white supremacy over blacks. These images of black characters that reflect negative

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