American Pie Rhetorical Devices

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Media has been a vital element to American entertainment since its commencement. This entertainment comes in all varieties, whether it is film, commercials, music or general consumer ads. Either way, they are all used to engage or encourage the reader or viewer to feel a certain way. Music has always been a catalyst for human beings since the first caveman started tapping his feet in a rhythmic pattern. Music can be used to express any feeling a person can have about any subject they might think about. It can be used to describe the ideals of an era or time frame; just look at music over the last one hundred plus years. No matter what, there is usually always some sort of symbolism or deeper meaning that the songwriter is trying to get to the listener. It’s no debate that the music we listen to today is most definitely not the music the generation our grandparents or even our parents listened to. The song “American Pie” by Don McLean, which released in 1971, is one of the most analyzed songs in American pop culture history (Shuck). Standing as a story all on its own, a simple analysis of the lyrics reveals allusions and metaphors in abundance. Analyzing these allusions and metaphors exposes many rhetorical devices used by McLean.
A cultural revolution all in its own, the 1960’s saw the rise and fall of many great civil rights leaders. John F. Kennedy, along with his brother, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr., who were all paramount in the fight for civil rights, a
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