The Entry Mode Strategy Of Hyundai, A Korean Multinational Automobile Manufacturer

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Executive Summary The purpose of this report is to introduce the entry mode strategy of Hyundai, a Korean Multinational automobile manufacturer. Having reviewed the history of Hyundai and its classical marketing cases, the entry mode of Hyundai is analyzed from four aspects, which covers pricing strategy, market segmentation strategy, branding strategy and commercial service strategy. All the above strategies are based on its marketing and advertising campaign in Chinese market. Through these analyses, the reason that Hyundai obtained its success under present economic background of China can be found out.
1.0 Introduction
Hyundai is the largest automobile manufacturer in Korean. After it merged KIA (another famous Korean automobile manufacturer), Hyundai stepped into its highway of development. After the year of 2000, the automobile market of China gradually diverted into a buyer market, which means the competition in Chinese market become even more intense. In 2008, a global financial crisis swept the global economy and negatively influenced Chinese economy. Even though most automobile manufacturers can not achieve their target selling volume at that time, Hyundai achieved great success by series market entry strategies including cooperating with Chinese government and various marketing strategies. Actually, the protagonist of this report is a automobile manufacturer with less than fifty-year history. The absence of technology accumulation, however, did not confine…

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