The Environment Alcohol And Marijuana

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up two things were a common between people in my environment alcohol and marijuana. The men would come home from work and have beer or hard liquor (moonshine, gin, or vodka) white was popular plus you could get it from your local bootleg (people selling alcohol without a license). I am very familiar with the term sense I was buying a pint of vodka for my grandmother from bootleg man since I was nine years old. Yes, I do know I was to young to be buying alcohol; my mother had no knowledge of what I was doing and my grandmother did not care about involving me in her alcoholism. My friend’s parents were a little different they were giving them marijuana to smoke. I found this out when I went to my friend’s house one evening and everyone was…show more content…
(Hart and Ksir, 2013)Also, in the western culture marijuana is referred to as blunt, herb, Mary Jane, Buds, stinkweed, nuggets, broccoli, burrito, and Charge. Marijuana is a diverse plant that can be smoked, eaten in cakes, or used in beverages. Cannibas has been around since 2700 B.C. according to a Chinese manuscript. It has been used as a recreational drug and a medicinal drug. Around 1960 the major psychoactive component was identified as tetrahydrocannabinal known as THC. The effects of THC may cause physiological effects on the cardiovascular and nervous system, which can be hallucinogenic or act as a sedative. Depending on the dosage of marijuana may determine the effect. If the dosage is low it may produce a sense of well – being, relaxation, and sleepiness. If the dosage is higher it may cause a person to lose track of time, forget things and their equilibrium may become off balance. Physiologically, the heart rate increases and blood vessels of the eye dilate causing reddening. A feeling of tightness in the chest and a lack of coordination may occur. (Hart and Ksir, 2013) Server anxiety, paranoia and delusions may also be a result of using high doses of marijuana. Although not proven it is suspected that marijuana smoke may cause long-term harmful effects to the lungs. The subjective effects of marijuana definitely is dependent on
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