The Environment Alcohol And Marijuana

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up two things were a common between people in my environment alcohol and marijuana. The men would come home from work and have beer or hard liquor (moonshine, gin, or vodka) white was popular plus you could get it from your local bootleg (people selling alcohol without a license). I am very familiar with the term sense I was buying a pint of vodka for my grandmother from bootleg man since I was nine years old. Yes, I do know I was to young to be buying alcohol; my mother had no knowledge of what I was doing and my grandmother did not care about involving me in her alcoholism. My friend’s parents were a little different they were giving them marijuana to smoke. I found this out when I went to my friend’s house one evening and everyone was in the parents bedroom. When the door opened a big cloud of smoke came out of the door followed by the smell of marijuana.
Which brings me to this report according to Fox2 news a lawmaker is proposing a bill to legalize marijuana use in Michigan. Democratic state Senator Coleman Young II of Detroit says the “non – medical marijuana code” would regulate and tax marijuana, generating revenue for education and other public purposes. He says it would free up police to “focus on violent and property crimes”. WZZM –Tv reports Young’s measure would regulate growing facilities, dispensaries and “marijuana lounges” where people could consume pot – infused food.
Marijuana is derived from the Hemp plant (Cannabis sativa), which is often referred to by…
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