The Environment And Concerns Over Climate Change

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During the semester we have covered several broad topics including poverty, the environment, globalization and war, although I would like to dedicate the time each and every one of these topics deserve, and they are to some degree enmeshed, ultimately, the focus of this paper will be on the environment. I choose the environment for the reason that I have an overwhelming fear that this urgent issue is not being given the attention it truly deserves. For me, my convictions about nature and concerns over climate change began early in life largely due to my family’s involvement with nature, where I was raised, and my experiences during my youth of which the environment was at the core. Another impetus for my interest in the environment, is the professor I had for environmental studies, Mr. Lapinski, whose expertise made the fragility of the workings of the Earth explicit. One more professor who has influenced me is Dr. Spencer S. Stober, who was a guest speaker for this class. He caused us to consider our responsibility for future generations by asking us to take the footprint calculator. He talked about his book Natured-Centered Leadership and explained that the word “Anthropocene” denotes that the contemporary age is seen as the only time in which man is the dominant factor of climate change. And that we are the only species whose intellect and transcend the carrying capacity of Earth. This makes me wonder if our intelligence will be enough for us to able to achieve
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