The Environment And Environmental Impacts Of Solar Energy

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Discuss environmental impacts of power generation from fossil fuel, specially the impacts by coal-fired power plants.
A power plant can affect the environment by its construction and by its operation. These effects, or impacts, can be either temporary or permanent. A power plant and its auxiliary components (e.g. natural gas pipelines, water intakes and discharge, coal delivery and storage systems, new transmission lines and waste disposal sites) take up space on the ground and in the air, use water resources, and, in many cases, emit pollutants into the air
Fossil fuel-fired and biomass-fired plants burn fuels to make either hot air or steam needed to spin power turbines generating electricity. Nuclear power plants use the nuclear fission reaction to create steam to do the same. The burning of fuel creates exhaust gases and other by-products, including air pollutants.

The main environmental matter relevant to power generation is the production of carbon dioxide (CO2) and sulphur dioxide (SO2) as a result of coal-fired electricity generation. Sulphur dioxide emissions arise from the combustion of fossil fuels containing sulphur, as many of them do. Released in large quantities to the atmosphere it can cause (sulphuric) "acid rains" in areas downwind.
List benefits of solar energy. Also explain why with so many benefits, the utility and infrastructure development of solar energy generation is limited?
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