The Environment And Resources Needed

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The environment and resources needed (including technology) when measuring a volcano eruptions. Student worked in small groups on the computers researching looking up vocabulary words. Students complete vocabulary words that relates to division of whole number with the remainder expressed by fractions to do the volcano experiment. Students log into an interactive game to practice dividing whole numbers with the remainder of a fraction and prep and do a test run of their experiment but working out the fraction. Students arrange work in groups of 2; working in groups of 2 gets all students involved in the assignment. When preparing experiments students are using fractions in their preparations. Students set-up with…show more content…
The parent’s role in their child’s education is to show support and become interested in their child’s education making sure they come prepared with the necessary supplies and understand that their children need to behave and come prepared to learn. The students a role is to come to school ready and willing to learn and to stay focus on learning. The teacher role is to plan student lesson and to apply the concepts of science and math in the classroom and give clear and effective instructions and guide students learning goals. Teachers wear many hats and have the most important role in keeping everyone and everything together. Identifying student’s prior learning by opening up the lesson by asking students what, do they know about volcanoes? I will begin to explain to students that a volcano is an opening in the earth’s surface which allows liquid rock ash and gases to escape from inside the earth. I’ll informed students that when these materials come out of a volcanoes, often unexpectedly and of high speed it is called an eruption. I will distribute the volcanic organizer and tell students that they are going record and discuss and measure what makes volcano erupt. I will give them a visual by drawing a picture of a volcano on the promethean board. I will explain the solid ground that we stand on is called the earth’s crust. The students will be divided into partners, start the project and begin to mastered
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