The Environment And The Global Economy

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Environmental Stewardship Our modern world is largely dependant on two, well entangled things: the environment and the global economy. Without the environment, mankind would fall apart. Our atmosphere would quickly cease to support human life. The ozone layer would deplete, flooding the earth with greater amounts of radiation. Biodiversity would damage water sources and destabilize the climate. Additionally, the global economy facilitates the trade of goods and materials which satisfy the demands of over seven billion people. These products are produced all around the world, by thousands of different companies. They provide all the equipment for emergency services, the technology for education and the food for our diet. Interruptions in the global supply chain often result in protests, resource shortages, along with economic impacts. Sometimes companies make poor decisions, often to reduce expenditures or by negligence, to make money at the expense of the environment. These companies are held accountable for their actions and are fined if they are found guilty of violating environmental laws. Unfortunately, it is rather common for companies to disregard environmental concerns for their personal benefit. This situation causes governments to intervene and serve large fines or criminal charges to the perpetrators, holding them responsible for their actions, or lack there of. This essay will go over three cases which highlight the practice of monetary and/or criminal
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