Essay on The Environment, Bell Hooks, and Feminist Spirituality

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The Environment, Bell Hooks, and Feminist Spirituality

The Environment:

The environment is constantly being sacrificed for food production, toxic dumps, wood distribution, military testing, and other things such as these. And as usual, the root lies in profit. The corporations can’t afford to be concerned with the future well being of the earth and it’s dwellers. Also, environmental pollution can be connected to racism and classism because it is the poor communities that are used for toxic dumps and prisons, and it’s the poor people who work in the factories that require having contact with harmful chemicals and technologies, and generally the poor communities consist of people of color.

Many of the readings were interesting,
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(Or maybe they did know but the patients medical plans didn’t cover that sort of treatment!) Why would anyone be so heartless to put a toxic dump next to an elementary school, make excuses, “little boys rupture their kidneys playing football, not because they are exposed to chemicals”, keep it in secrecy, “The staff was instructed not to tell the parents”, and down right lie about it while children are deathly ill? “We had foam in the community which they kept telling us was agricultural foam.” Why? I can’t comprehend this.

I have often heard the excuse that it would cost too much for cooperations to clean up after themselves, that the expenditure would lead to extensive layoffs, and would be detrimental to the economy of the corporation. In a way I could understand how this could be true and didn’t see a solution to the problem. I thought that it was either/or; one thing or the other. On page 297 it says that “An alliance between environmentalists and labor organizers is essential. People need a livelihood as well as good environmental conditions, and the two are not mutually exclusive.” Exclusivity is a boundary that I think we all need to cross. Too often we forget that everything is linked and that one thing effects another. This can be applied to our everyday lives as

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