The Environment In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Victor Frankenstein a handsome well-fit man, born in Geneva, Switzerland where his father Alphonse Frankenstein was well-known; Aides to make sure he was feed, clean, and satisfied with life. Frankenstein was interested in the works of alchemists and he discovers the fabled elixir of life. He then loses interest in these pursuits and in science as a whole after seeing the remains of a tree structure by lighting. Frankenstein attended the University of Ingolstadt to study natural science in chemistry also became obsessed with the idea of creating life in an inanimate matter through artificial means, meanwhile, that took two years to complete his vision of creating the monster. Victor falls in love with Elizabeth Lavenza who was his adopted…show more content…
The creature being brought to life in the laboratory of the man who created him is only accustomed to the environment in the woods. In being raised in this type of environment he knew little about interactions with civilization to start off. Victor Frankenstein his owner was very wealthy, so the creature is used to being around nice things. In the start of his life time the only person he was used to being around and saw on a regular basis was his maker, so the monster’s appearance didn’t stop Victor from loving his creature in the home. The only interaction the creature had with people is when his owner Victor Frankenstein brought guest over. I feel that this isolation greatly impacted the creature’s life because although he is kind and has no intention of hurting anyone the isolation inhibits his ability to interact with civilization. When people saw, the creature found it hard to interact with civilization because he looked so monstrous the people thought he had a disease. This immediately ostracized the creature because although he didn’t see people for their looks, people are driven by what they see. I contrast to normal people the creature had a love for others that…show more content…
The monster is so unlearned and unknowledgeable that he knows little of what he does, so when he causes damage it is unintentional. The creature gets little chance to learn about the world because Victor cuts himself off to the world and lack of interaction greatly effects the creature’s ability to interact. You say that the creature has a mind of a baby; everything he is encountering is what he is just learning. He is born very nice although his stature is over shadowing others, he is a gentle giant in which the creature learns about himself and the story goes on. The monsters lack of education is the very reason why the monster went on a killing spree because when young children get angry they act off impulse. So, when Victor destroys the female monster he was creating, the creature was angry and because he had a childlike mind, he reacted off impulse which led to the deaths of close people in Victor’s life. His lack of education led him to be moved by his feelings and he didn’t know right from wrong. The creature’s natural nature that he learns is to help, which is demonstrated in the story when the creature saves a little girl who almost
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