The Environment Is A System Of Living Things

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An environment is a system of living things. The Earth is our environment. The capacity of our environment to offer space, to reap nutrition and to fund energy are all limited. Food, water and other basic assets are strained by the escalating requests of our persistently developing population. We rely on these limited resources for our survival, yet we are quickly extending our population as though they were infinite. This reality is at the focal point of our environmental issues. Despite the fact that the number of inhabitants on earth has been escalating in a continuous manner since 1400, the most emotional increment has taken place in more recent decades. Overpopulation is a standout amongst the most concerning troubles in present times. It is an “undesirable condition where the number of existing human population exceeds the carrying capacity of Earth.” (1) There is a natural point of confinement to the population size that can be reasonably maintained by an environment. Overpopulation is the undesirable condition where the amount of the existing human population exceeds this natural limit and eventually devours our planet with the request for more nutrition from less land and water supplies. As the total population develops, enhancing expectations for everyday comforts and improving living standards without destroying the Earth is a global challenge. Our world population is growing at about eighty million people a year, which equates to an average of two-hundred and
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