The Environment Is Being Harmed By Factory Farming

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T The environment is being harmed by factory farming. Each year as food demand grows, industrialized farms keep producing staggering amounts of air, water and land pollution. Animals raised on factory farms generate more than 1 million tons of manure per day, in comparison that is about two-and-a-half times as heavy as The Empire State Building. Factory farms are a leading contributor to the emissions of greenhouse gasses and have been destroying the ozone layer for over the past sixty years. It is not fair to the earth that this is happening, we are stewards of this land and it is not fair to the future generations to add to the destruction of our home. It is important to show respect for what we have been given by our ancestors and to…show more content…
Food born illnesses are a killer today. Factory farms are not mandated by the government to run bacteria tests on their food products and with having nothing to make sure rules are followed private companies can say whatever they want to make it seem like they are creating a universal product with no problems. The way meat is stripped off the bones of the carcasses are through machinery with knives or with other utensils and are usually left untouched after being used and are cleaned once in a long while because the process of cleaning every bit of machine would take too long and companies do not want to spend money on things like that. What companies do to their meat is instead of cleaning the machines that they believe putting their meat through ammonia baths will result in a faultless system that will protect them from a food illness outbreak. Pathogens are spread like wild fire in farming facilities and even after going through the chemical baths there is no way to test that there is no bacteria on every product. Stated in the movie Food Inc. “In 1972, the FDA conducted 50,000 food inspections, and in 2006 the FDA conducted 9,164”. The government that is supposed to protect the wellbeing of Americans has been lacking for quite some time and has lost its focus on what it should be for us. Leading into what is truly affecting us the most prevalent bacteria seen in the food industry are salmonella which come from chicken products and E. coli which come
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