The Environment Of A Country 's Energy Security And The State Of Our World 's Climate

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The fragile dynamic between a country’s energy security and the state of our world’s climate is something that faces every nation on this planet. It is especially difficult for countries still in the process of development because they need more than anyone to be able to make use of petroleum energy, which in a relative sense, is currently the most efficient and easily accessible. The issue herein is that petroleum energy releases large amounts of carbon-dioxide into the atmosphere warming the planet with devastating effects. The small South American country of Ecuador is rich with petroleum resources. For it, this created a vulnerability known as the Dutch Disease. A condition characterized by a country’s sudden influx of foreign investment, it is often due to discovery of natural resources like petroleum. Usually what occurs after such investment is either severe mismanagement of the funds or overinvestment into one particular sector of the economy. This lack of economic diversity would be problematic in the event of a market collapse of that sector and it is what we see in Ecuador as a result of the effects of the world oil price collapse. This paper is meant to demonstrate how that fragile balance between energy security and climate change is taking form in the smallest member country of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). In order to do this, I will start by creating a profile for the country in terms of its political economy, with special
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